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Do you hear that?

Are you hearing scratching in the ceiling, wall, or behind the oven? Are small animal droppings appearing in your garage, porch or even in your house? If so, there may be some unwanted mammalian guests living in your house, and we’re not talking about teenagers. Like all living creatures, rodents and varmints are on the quest of survival looking for food, water and a cozy place to stay. Often they can find their way into garages, homes, and attics. They can bring in fleas/bacteria, leave a mess of droppings, trails of oily dirt from their fur, can cause damage, and above all, they don’t even pay rent.

We’re still not talking about teenagers

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Green Balance Pest Control can help!

Our experienced technicians will be able to find and/or identify the unwanted intruder, discover how they may be gaining access, exclude future intruders and catch/trap the current habitants. Our process usually looks like this:

Give us a call so we can ask some basic questions and set up a time for our technician to investigate the problem.


  • How long have you been hearing the noise?
  • Have you noticed droppings/ seen any animals in the yard?
  • Where are you hearing the noise?


  • How long have you lived in/been familiar with the structure?
  • Have there been any additions to the original building?
  • Have you had problems in the past?

Follow-up Appointments

Now that we have flushed the bugs out, follow-up appointments are designed to continue to keep the bugs out of your home. Our treatment schedule considers the Texas environment, product lifespan and gives you the peace of mind that the bugs won’t be coming back to re-nest. Each visit we will knock down any new mud dauber or wasps nests around the home and refortify the perimeter around your home. This being said we can come inside on any visit if needed, we just ask that you let us know before hand. Follow-up appointments are just a part of good home maintenance.

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Green Balance Pest Control Guarantee

We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our service. If you notice any activity in the home between recurring treatments then we will come back for an interior retreatment at no cost to you.

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