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Aren’t Fleas and Ticks Just Pet Problems?

Fleas and ticks are not just problems for your pets, they can be dangerous to you too! Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are just a few diseases ticks can pass on. Fleas don’t just harmlessly bite you either, they can pass on the bubonic plague to their hosts! In 2017 there were confirmed cases of bubonic plague in Texas stemming from fleas. Many pet owners are under the impression that just treating their dog for fleas or ticks will eliminate the problem, however, fleas live in homes and yards.

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There’s a Problem

Recognizing the problem is the first step. A backyard flea and tick infestation can be hard to discover if you don’t have outdoor pets, and if you rarely go outside. Pets often tip off owners by scratching or biting at themselves, tell-tale signs of being attacked by fleas or ticks. Additionally, yards with high grass or yards near wooded areas are environments that ticks and fleas especially love.
Ticks are black or dark brown bugs that will burrow into your skin and feed on blood. Ticks are in some ways harder to spot than fleas. Their bites are not usually felt until after they are no longer on the host. They bite in snug areas of the body like bends of the knees, elbows, or the groin area. Ticks can feed on a host for 3-10 days.

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Follow-up Appointments

Now that we have flushed the bugs out, follow-up appointments are designed to continue to keep the bugs out of your home. Our treatment schedule considers the Texas environment, product lifespan and gives you the peace of mind that the bugs won’t be coming back to re-nest. Each visit we will knock down any new mud dauber or wasps nests around the home and refortify the perimeter around your home. This being said we can come inside on any visit if needed, we just ask that you let us know before hand. Follow-up appointments are just a part of good home maintenance.

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Green Balance Pest Control Guarantee

We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our service. If you notice any activity in the home between recurring treatments then we will come back for an interior retreatment at no cost to you.

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