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Fire Ant Treatment

Fire ants in Texas have become more and more invasive. These days it is difficult to go out into your own backyard without the chance of being stung and sadly you learn not to stay in one spot more than 15 seconds. Being aggressive in nature means they will sting if there mound is disturbed. Fire ants nest and travel underground, but will expand upward above ground level making a round dirt mound that can pop up anywhere in your yard. Fire ants will migrate from yard to yard, especially after a heavy rain, meaning they can come from any one of your neighbors yards. If you want the comfort of knowing you can go into your yard and not have to fear getting stung, Green Balance Pest Control has a solution that is economical and effective.

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First Steps

Green Balance Pest Control will perform a thorough inspection of your yard. Upon determining the level of infestation, we can resolve the situation with normal pest control procedures or a specialized separate service. These procedures range from spot treatment during normal pest control or an entire yard treatment.

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Follow-up Appointments

Now that we have flushed the bugs out, follow-up appointments are designed to continue to keep the bugs out of your home. Our treatment schedule considers the Texas environment, product lifespan and gives you the peace of mind that the bugs won’t be coming back to re-nest. Each visit we will knock down any new mud dauber or wasps nests around the home and refortify the perimeter around your home. This being said we can come inside on any visit if needed, we just ask that you let us know before hand. Follow-up appointments are just a part of good home maintenance.

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Green Balance Pest Control Guarantee

We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our service. If you notice any activity in the home between recurring treatments then we will come back for an interior retreatment at no cost to you.

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