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The Mosquito Problem

Whether its relaxing at the pool, barbecuing in the backyard or patio time with friends, no one likes it when mosquitoes crash the party. Not only are mosquitoes an annoying nuisance but they are also vectors for diseases such as zika, malaria and chikungunya. Although mosquitoes are a flying pest, meaning they could be coming from the neighbors house down the street, there is much that can be done to reduce mosquito problems around your house.

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First Steps

The first step in getting mosquitoes out of your yard is to recognize why they are there in the first place. Apart from seeing you as a delicious meal, there are two factors that attract mosquitoes to your yard, nesting and resting sites.


Mosquito larvae are aquatic, meaning every species of mosquito lay their eggs in water. Although preferred nesting water sources differ among mosquito species, a good start to a mosquito control program begins with eliminating potential breeding sites around your home. You should know, a mosquito can develop from egg to adult in just a thimble-full of water….meaning it doesn’t take much water build up to attract them. This image and the following action list include the first steps a homeowner can take to remove potential breeding sites.

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